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I'm Justin Harris Executive Coach and No-Code IndieHacker.


I work with individuals, teams and companies from employees, founders, new startups up to Fortune 500 companies. Generally I've worked with engineering, customer success marketing, operations and product teams to help them build their teams and products better. I help get your clear, organized and look for what important for you to be accountable personally and professionally to hit your goals.


See some of the projects I'm currently working on.

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I'm Justin Harris, an executive coach and entrepreneur raised in based in Los Angeles.
I have two big passions:
1. Helping launch impactful projects
2. Helping people max out on their personal and professional potential

In recent years I've helped founders bring products to market both as a coach and startup employees.

Beyond that I've succeeded and failed at many projects along the way and always love to pursue ideas I have an interest in.


Looking to improve your life, career or business? Looking for a coach whose been a founder, executive or early startup employee? Or just want to chat? Reach out below.